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Our Motto

Safe to Play, Safe to Eat, Safe for Life. 

And we stand by that promise.

At Earth in Hand, we believe in creating safe environments for your entire lifestyle - whether you have a backyard garden and lawn or hundreds of acres of crops, our promise to you is to ensure the health of your soil and plants. 

Our concept is to consider all paradigms including sustainable, biological, bio-dynamic, organic, energetic, CEC, among others, and apply them as needed to build healthy soil and grow nutrient dense crops. 

One way we do that is by utilizing the Quantum Ag approach, which makes Earth in Hand unique in the soil health industry. 

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From homeowner to farmer, we will help you achieve optimal conditions for growing your best crops, garden, or lawn, while maintaining a non-toxic, sustainable, and biological growing environment. 

We do this by doing an elemental mineral test of your soil and creating a personalized program to balance soil mineral ratios by using a variety of certified organic products provided by Crop Services International (CSI). 

We are very proud of our partnership with CSI. Together, we represent over 35 years of helping growers accomplish their goals using non-toxic, biological, and sustainable methods. 

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