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Non-Toxic, Biological, and Sustainable

Creating safe environments with Quantum Ag. 

At Earth In Hand, we care about your soil health, and the environment. That's what makes us different. 

We use the Quantum Ag approach to treating your soil with the goal to improve the health of your soil while optimizing growth and reducing your carbon footprint. The Quantum Ag approach is non-toxic, biological, and sustainable. But, what does Quantum Ag mean? 

Simply put, our definition of Quantum Ag is the recognition and study of many growing paradigms including sustainable, biological, biodynamic, organic, energetic, CEC, among many others. 

Our concept is to consider all of these paradigms and apply them as needed to build healthy soil and grow nutrient dense crops. 

"You have to know where you are in order to know where you're going."

To ensure healthy soil, we must first know what condition the soil is in. By doing an elemental mineral test of your soil, we learn where you are, then we can begin the process of adjusting mineral ratios against known ratios of already balanced soils, ultimately creating a customized program for your specific needs. 

Over the years, the Quantum Ag approach has vividly shown us that in order to optimize the foundation of balanced minerals in our soil, there must be a plethora of active microbes residing in the soil already. These microbes control pH levels, produce nutrients in plant soluble form, and are key in maintaining the quality of our food and other crops. 

Customized Soil Health Plans and Optimizing Growth.

Earth In Hand is here to ensure your transition to healthy soil is easy and seamless. Call us today for a soil health consultation and to get started on creating your customized soil health plan!

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