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“TASTE” Testing Soils?

Ever bite into that fruit or vegetable that pops with flavor, smells like an essential oil, and has the texture expected of that item? The “TASTE” of any fruit, vegetable, nut, forage, dairy or meat is directly correlated to the underlying mineral composition and it’s availability to the plant. For many years CSI has promoted increased, balanced and available minerals in the soil because of that “TASTE” and the associated health benefits that follow. When you submit soil samples to CSI it is with Nutrient Dense eyeglasses that we review your results. Unless asked to the contrary, our input recommendations will reflect mined minerals usually containing multiple sources of secondary or trace minerals required for full expression of crop genetic potential.

Tennessee Brown Rock is a perfect example as it carries 20+ trace minerals in addition to the Phosphorus and Calcium. The availability of minerals is determined by physical (soil structure), chemical reactions (mineral balance) and biological activity. CSI’s biological analysis is covered in detail on the next page. Improving biology will improve any soils ability to solubilize minerals found in sand, silt, and clay into the forms that roots can make better use of. In order to facilitate biological availability of these minerals our recommendations will include biological inoculums and food sources. These proven products can be applied as a root dip, side dress, in-row, and in combination with foliar sprays. Using these food sources will activate the biology and they will make the minerals present or recommended plant available. Having these minerals in soluble form will keep the photosynthetic process functioning at the best levels possible.

This process is vital to growing your soil, increasing humus formation, digesting crop residue and plant utilization resulting in higher Brix readings, less insect and disease pressures and better crop storage as healthy harvests will dehydrate instead of rotting. This is minerally balanced and nutrient dense...And it's this result that shows up in “TASTE”. We look forward to working with you to improve the T-A-S-T-E of your soils this year!

Tastefully submitted,

Joe, Dane, Ron, Ryan, Nancy & Chuck

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